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18 July, 2017 admin 0

IT, Programming & Computer science books Our free computer science, programming and IT books will keep you up to date on programming and core issues […]

Optimizing nginx webserver

22 April, 2015 admin 0

GIT – nginx is a small and fast webserver which generally outperforms most of the alternatives out of the box, however there is always room for […]

Optimizing Linux Servers

26 April, 2014 admin 0

GIT – Linux Server is optimized for average workloads. With most servers you can gain much by optimizing performance. In this session you will learn […]


12 November, 2012 admin 1

Tags: Amazon, Android, Ansible, Ảo Hóa, Apache, Apple, Asterisk, ASUS, automate, awk, Backup, Bash Shell, Basic, Book, Bugzilla, Cable Mạng, Cache, Cacti, Cáp Mạng, CDN, […]

MySQL Performance

17 September, 2012 admin 0

GIT – Often the server admin has little control over the applications which uses MySQL and it is hard to find the bottlenecks. This blog […]