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Building a HCI Lab with Nutanix Community Edition

What is Nutanix Community Edition free version of Nutanix AOS designed for test driving its main features on own hardware and infrastructure intended for internal business operations and non-production use only Tags: Cisco, Cloud, Command, CPU, Dell, Disk, DNS, Download, ESXi, HDD, Hypervisor, Install, IP, Nutanix, Password, Proxy, Root, Server, Setup, SSD, SSH, Storage, Tar, […]

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Free Download Ebook

IT, Programming & Computer science books Our free computer science, programming and IT books will keep you up to date on programming and core issues within computer and information technology. Tags: Amazon, Android, Apache, Apple, Asterisk, awk, Bash Shell, Bugzilla, Cable Mạng, Cache, Cacti, Cáp Mạng, CDN, CentOS, Cloud Computing, Command, Crontab, Dale Carnegie, Database, […]

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Linux: Monitor Hard Disks Temperature With hddtemp

There is a nice utility to monitor hard drive temperature. Most modern x86 computer hard disk comes with S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology). It is a monitoring system for computer hard disks to detect and report on various indicators of reliability, in the hope of anticipating failures. => hddtemp utility will give you the […]