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Building a HCI Lab with Nutanix Community Edition

What is Nutanix Community Edition free version of Nutanix AOS designed for test driving its main features on own hardware and infrastructure intended for internal business operations and non-production use only Tags: Cisco, Cloud, Command, CPU, Dell, Disk, DNS, Download, ESXi, HDD, Hypervisor, Install, IP, Nutanix, Password, Proxy, Root, Server, Setup, SSD, SSH, Storage, Tar, […]

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How to connect USB Serial Console Cable to Linux

The following guide will walk you through on setting up USB Serial Console Cable on a Linux via command line. First of all, make sure you have a program called Minicom installed. I will be using Ubuntu flavored Operating System for demonstration purposes. Tags: Cisco, Command, Debian, Install, Linux, Password, Setup, Ubuntu, USB, yum Bài […]

Góc Linux - Unix Góc Redhat - CentOS Góc Thủ Thuật Góc Ubuntu - Debian

How To Connect To Cisco Devices Via Serial Port Using GNU/Linux

Description: to connect your computer to a Cisco device via its console port, you usually need a RJ45 rolled cable. You can use a RJ-45 to DB-9 Female if your computer has a serial port. To communicate through the serial port with the Cisco device, you need Minicom, a terminal emulator software. Tags: Cisco, Debian, […]


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