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Linux locate command: Find Files and Directories Quickly and Efficiently

GIT – This is quick guide howto find files and directories quick and efficiently on with locate . Linux find command is outdated, slow and complicated to use, so locate command is much better option.

Locate basic usage find files and directories

locate file
# example
locate httpd.conf

locate path
# example
locate /X11/


Find (locate) ignore-case (not case sensitive)

locate -i file
# example
locate -i netbeans

Find (locate) only file name (basename)

locate -b file
# example
locate -b shadow

Limit locate output

locate -l 100 file
# example
locate -l 50 conf

Print number of found entries

locate -c file
# example
locate -c conf

Print locate statistics

locate -S

Find (locate) with full file info

Simply locate something and pipe output to ls command.

locate file |xargs ls -lah

Want to know even more

Check help and manual

locate --help
man locate
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